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Top Cloud Security Companies & Solutions

It provides network speed and threat protection due to its streamlined organization. The Lacework Polygraph Data Platform automates cloud security at scale so customers can innovate with speed and safety. The key cloud services offered by this platform is that it protects the public cloud infrastructure by monitoring the cloud deployments to detect changes and identify potential attacks. Cloud security solutions are generally deployed and used to help protect workloads running in both private clouds and across the major public cloud services from cloud computing companies.

  • SiteLock is a cloud-based security firm which safeguards sites from attacks, malware and other cyber threats.
  • Within this suite, Forcepoint offers specialized security for critical infrastructure and IoT environments.
  • The best cloud antivirus software makes it simple and easy to protect your business computing assets from a single antivirus platform.
  • Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity platform works to secure every endpoint in the IoT chain and bring that data together in a way that makes business safer and more efficient.
  • Cloud security solutions are generally deployed and used to help protect workloads running in both private clouds and across the major public cloud services from cloud computing companies.
  • VMware Carbon Black offers custom APIs, giving IT teams the ability to integrate security capabilities from various solutions.

The advantage of having an integrated suite of checkpoint services is that organizations can move to preventative cloud security without necessarily hiring dozens of workers. All you have to do is allow your existing IT team to acquire better tools to avoid slowing down the user experience. End-user spending on cloud security for information security and risk management is expected to grow by 27 percent in 2023 to $6.7 billion, up from $5.3 billion in 2022. Worldwide spending on information security and risk management is expected to reach $188 billion in 2023, with cloud security showing the strongest growth over the next two years, according to data from IT research firm Gartner.

Fortinet Recognized as the Sole Leader in the Westlands Advisory 2023 IT/OT Network Protection Platforms Navigator™

They possess an industry reputation for accurate malware detection and management for the layperson. Kaspersky appeared in the 2019 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms as a Visionary and the Forrester Wave for Endpoint Security Suites as a Strong Performer. Additionally, Bitdefender continues to innovate its cloud workload security and browser isolation tools and capabilities. Not only are more enterprises migrating to the cloud and facing the security issues that come with the subsequent decentralization, but they are also expanding the endpoints connecting to their networks.

top cloud security vendors

Its mission is to make it easy and stress-less for any organization to be safe and secure from cyber threats. The platform was purpose-built to enable small security teams to achieve comprehensive and effective protection regardless of their resources, team size, or skills. It does this by managing day-to-day security operations so teams can focus on managing security rather than operating it.

Cybersecurity Education and Training Companies

It also provides cloud incident and event monitoring to quickly detect and respond to threats. With Lacework, developers can scan for security issues locally, in registries, and in CI/CD pipelines while building large-scale applications. Ensuring the security of your cloud-based services — and the ways they are accessed — is essential for modern enterprises. To help, we’ve analyzed a range of cybersecurity vendors and services to arrive at this list of the best cloud security companies for threat protection, data security, identity management services, and more.

top cloud security vendors

This service includes a vulnerability scanner that checks on misconfigurations in OT devices and identifies outdated firmware. The security monitoring looks for intrusion and it is informed by a threat intelligence feed. This system covers devices and networks and it also ties in with Kaspersky’s office systems security products.

Critical Infrastructure Security Companies

Buyers can also request a product demo, which Fidelis Cybersecurity typically provides free of charge. To receive an accurate quote, buyers should contact the vendor directly for more information about their exact pricing structure. With most cyberthreats targeting individuals directly, this report reveals the need for having an effective security awareness and training program for all employees. Cyberthreats are increasing in volume and sophistication while organizations around the world struggle to fill security positions. Our survey found organizations actively implementing Zero Trust still face challenges related to integrations between zero-trust solutions deployed on-premises and in the cloud.

top cloud security vendors

Cloud security companies rose to prominence in light of the growing need for securing cloud platforms. Founded over two decades ago, VMware is a leading provider of multi-cloud services for all apps, enabling digital innovation cloud security companies with enterprise control. Founded in 2002, Proofpoint went public in 2012 and in 2020 it generated more than US$1bn in revenue, making it the first SaaS-based cybersecurity and compliance company to meet that milestone.

Data Encryption

When the attacker’s path becomes known, the program blocks advanced attacks originating from executables, data files, or network-based exploits. LogMeIn Central is a cloud-based endpoint management solution designed to help IT professionals effectively monitor, manage, and secure their endpoint infrastructure. Their expertise in remote technologies supports enterprises with remote employees or endpoints scattered across the globe, allowing for centralized management.

Artificial intelligence makes alerts more informative than average and doesn’t clog developers’ inboxes. The “Lacework Polygraph” establishes “normal” baseline behavior, which is used to later determine potential behavior anomalies. This allows for potential attacks to be detected even if there’s no signature match. Cloud Network Security that supports full and partial network segregation allows for network engineers to truly define secure data transmission. With so many layers of data control, it’s almost impossible for hackers to steal this information even if there is a security incident. Anyone authorized to can use the platform to see real-time statistics on database queries, server cluster uptime, resource usage, and even suggestions for improvements as development continues.

Avast Cloudcare

Latency is still a factor and cloud providers like to spread their datacenters out to serve broad geographic regions. In the case of the Phoenix, that’s the American Southwest, which is home to just shy of a fifth of the US population. A state bill signed into law in early 2021, extended tax breaks on the use, installation, assembly, repair or maintenance of datacenter equipment, for most Arizona datacenter valued in excess of $25 million through 2033. However, cheap land and favorable tax incentives aren’t the only thing cloud providers are looking for.

top cloud security vendors

However, Trend Micro offers a 30-day free trial of its solutions, so customers can try the solutions before they purchase. Functions, is a key differentiator for Palo Alto, with capabilities to secure an end-to-end cloud-native deployment. However, they offer a 15-day free trial so potential buyers can evaluate the product.

The Complete Practical Guide to AWS Cloud Security in 2022

Its services include real-time threat protection against viruses, phishing attacks, identity theft, spyware and other malicious intrusions. And its Webroot WiFi Security protects the privacy and security of users who connect via wireless. Forcepoint offers a suite of services through its Forcepoint ONE platform to help protect cloud https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ databases. The Forcepoint ONEsuites supports all cloud applications and integrates with tools like Office 365, Box, AWS, Salesforce and Slack to protect vital communications and data. Below we outline the capabilities of seven top cloud security solution providers that can help organizations improve security posture and reduce risk.

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