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How to Make an eCommerce Mobile App for Android or iOS

Get a precise cost estimation by digging deeper into the factors. If you still have any questions regarding theme of e-commerce app development or want to get unique mobile solution for your e-commerce business, contact us. Our company has broad experience of IT products development for small companies and enterprises and we are able to develop custom mobile application which will meet all your business needs.

Contact EPAM Anywhere Business and consider our top-notch services to find what tech stack is suitable for your project and build a robust app for your business. The main mission of an e-commerce app is to deliver an easy way of shopping. So the first and foremost task is to build a functional shopping cart. An app with an array of features and the right concept, as a rule, brings more clients. A mobile app is a direct-to-customer marketing channel that helps customers stay connected with your company.

You also get extra space for ads, sales funnels, conversion strategies, etc. By creating an eCommerce mobile application, you will automatically make an opportunity for the future growth of your business. Over time, you will be able to expand the capabilities of your application, thereby offering your users a more comprehensive range of services and better quality. The Northell team built a great eCommerce mobile application for this company that allows customers in a few clicks to start shopping using vouchers from over 120 of the UK’s best-loved brands. For your business, you can easily optimize it for app stores and promote it effortlessly on various social media platforms. You will easily be able to identify your target audience and create and launch targeted free or paid ad campaigns on various social media platforms.

The advantage of this approach is that your brand can launch an app as soon as it’s created. However, a mobile e-commerce app prototype could take as long as six months to design, develop, and launch. When you are working on developing an online facility, it is necessary to have an understanding of what you want, who your customers are, and how success is measured according to you. Your knowledge about these things is expressed in the eCommerce app’s designs, layouts, and features. Before creating a bespoke app, it is necessary to know about your current level of success and position in the market among competitors. If the only requirement is to create an online facility for your business, it will be solved by just designing an excellent bespoke app.

  • Marketing and sales management tools are a crucial part of any eCommerce business because the might of such tools depends on the growth of the entire business.
  • To build an appropriate eCommerce app store, conducting proper research about the market and recent trends is necessary.
  • A smart chatbot saves a significant amount of time and investment in human resources.
  • Mind that the final price is determined individually and depends on the needs of your project.
  • In other words, easy access to customer support improves the user experience.
  • This tour of developing eCommerce mobile app would have hopefully cleared that the mobile apps are better than online websites.
  • Here a business buys any kind of product or piece of work from a person or many individuals.

With Flipabit app builder, you’ll discover that creating an app is easy, fast, and free. Inform the customer about discounts, special offers, and seasonal sales that are valid when purchased through the application. An application for the sale of goods or services over the Internet to a consumer or other business. You can add in-app payments or ads, and other useful business development functions.

Warehouse Management

If the transaction was denied, a customer gets notification that funds wasn’t transferred. The information goes through a payment gateway to the next point – a payment processor. It is the heart of the payment system and a place where the main procedures are executed. The data, provided by a customer, is transmitted to a payment processor.

So, ensure your development team maintains a fine balance between app back end, CMS interface and ease of loading. The eCommerce mobile app is the online store or touchpoints that help clients shop online through the brand’s mobile app. People these days are more inclined towards online options because of the mobile experience, whether it is for shopping or booking a car or ticket for a movie. Every business in this technology-based world needs to build an eCommerce mobile app to gather more crowds and stand out among competitors. Creating MVP, the minimum viable product, is necessary to ensure that visitors will surely become regular customers of your brand. It contains an excessive number of product features that resists the visitors from moving away from the platform without buying the product.

How an e-commerce mobile app is built

However, a reliable eCommerce app development company will offer you all these details but I think a good heads up is always a good idea. The B2B eCommerce mobile apps mostly comprise those apps that are used for purchasing between business to business purposes only. The best example of such an app is Alibaba where businesses and individuals can purchase goods in large quantities. Such a marketplace is not limited only to shopping in large quantities, these marketplaces can sell items of large capacities as well. For example, such platforms may sell large machinery and equipment for industrial purposes as well. By looking around us, and in our lives as well, we can assume the enormity of the global eCommerce business.

What Team Structure is Required for eCommerce App Development?

In this model, as we know, the product and services are sold from business to the consumers online, just like an offline retail store. With this blog, you might have become well-versed with ‘How to build eCommerce mobile eCommerce app app in 2022? ’ along with the best features and tech stacks to include in the application. So, if you plan to sell your product to other businesses, this e-commerce app is best suitable for you.

Mobile apps load 1.5 times faster compared to traditional websites. This delights customers and provides them with the best possible shopping experience. When you leverage customer segmentation, you’ll build a framework for running well-hypothesized experiments. And the primary goal of this data is to provide a more engaging experience.

Define what problems your app might solve and what your target audience is. The main objective of this option is to provide users with information about the delivery status of their order. Overall, online shopping has become extremely popular over the last five years as this option is faster and more convenient compared to visiting traditional stores. A stagnant product quickly loses market popularity and stops being relevant. You need to start marketing your product as soon as you have a minimum viable product in your hands. This will help you get a headstart before the actual launch of your product.

Different users prefer different modes of payment while availing of online e-commerce services. So, do not restrict your e-commerce application to a single payment mode, instead, allow users to pay via – credit card, debit card, internet banking, UPI, and more. So, when you hire web developers or e-commerce app developers, ask them to insert such features into your business application. Features are one of the crucial elements of any mobile app development process. An application without unique features is nothing more than a basic services app. An app is the place where, customers spend their money on goods or services company provides.

eCommerce Mobile App Development Guide – Cost & Features

You have many reasons to create an e-commerce app, ranging from improved customer experience and brand recognition to doubling conversion rates and efficiency. The thing is that iOS includes three devices , and Android supports an array of devices, so the team will need more time to build an e-commerce Android app. The coding terms are the key differences between both platforms. All these solutions boast a huge community of experts and a rich ecosystem.

Often it happens that the mobile app visitors access the app because of the awesome designs and end up as a potential user. Writing Better Product Specifications – Another great feature of boosting revenue in the e-commerce business is by writing beneficial product specifications. Consequently, it’s imperative to provide an active summary of the product which would connect the clients. Great customer-centric product descriptions often utilize up communication and trigger much better sales. Check out our complete business guide on hiring mobile app developers in Australia and save your time and money.

E-commerce app development in detail

Test the app on each significant step or stage and remove the possibilities of hidden bugs, crashes, and bad user experiences. Guerilla user testing and in-depth UX testing also play a vital role in providing excellent user experiences. After the approval of the prototype, the actual app design process begins, and app designers have to look for UI design, interaction design, and UX design tasks. Check the app performance, user journey, screen flows, and whatever is related to optimizing your app for conversion and implementation. It enables Android developers to create interactive and detailed wireframes and prototypes to get an exact simulation of the end product for each possible option.

How an e-commerce mobile app is built

Hence, a chatbot is always a great addition to your eCommerce mobile app. In this busy and modern-day world, no user will prefer to navigate an e-commerce application for the past 15 minutes just to buy a single product. A proper product gallery makes it easier for customers to view products and make a purchase decision accordingly. It also increases your e-commerce store’s authenticity and in turn results in user satisfaction. You can also leverage social media integrations into your app like eBay to allow the users to easily sign up on the e-commerce app. Want to take your e-commerce app to heights and generate more profit through it?

They are great market-movers when it comes to customer engagement. Therefore, having loyalty programs in your eCommerce app is definitely going to give it a significant boost to its user engagement. Let’s find out more about these loyalty programs and see how they are important. The way how your shopping app looks and feels defines the overall user engagement and is a huge driving force behind the success of your business.

Step 6: Do a user testing for eCommerce mobile app

But, when he/she tried to make the payment there weren’t enough payment options. This will surely make the user leave without successful product purchase. Moreover, there must be at least 2-3 login options in your apps including social media networks. Providing one or two tap login option in your app could not only motivate them to open the app and browse the store but also boost sale for your business. These were some of the core aspects of understanding and analysis before actually going for app development. Now let’s take a look at some of the must-have features of your eCommerce Mobile App.

Search by category or via the search bar

With the help of AR, you can try from thousands of different eyewear and buy the one that looks the best on you. For example, Lenskart is the company that is providing such a facility in its mobile app and website. ERP integration is for the eCommerce https://globalcloudteam.com/ business of enterprise scale. It provides more powerful and efficient management, marketing, storage, reporting, and analytics capabilities to business owners. It also contains flexible scalability options that help in business expansion.

Here’s a list of the must have features that will make your app wholesome. The app development rates vary from region to region due to the availability of qualified IT specialists, cost of living, and experience in cutting-edge technological innovations. Developing an app from Eastern European developers requires you to pay $30 per hour, while US developers charge as high as $150 per hour and Indian developers cost as low as $20 per hour. Ultimately, the differences in hourly rates influence the development cost. Get to know about developers’ hourly rates in different countries in detail through this blog. Also, OS versioning and a large number of screen sizes require designers to create a flexible and versatile design that works everywhere glitch-free.

B2B Business Model

Your product development is the most decisive stage of your app development process. If you execute the product development badly, then all the other careful planning and research you did will be for nought. Remember that the best Agile and DevOps practices may help you reduce the development cost.

Other than competitor analysis, it’s also critical to derive actionable insights from the analysis of your own business operations till date. When developing your mobile e-commerce app, analyze what has worked for your competitors. If their mobile consumers are leaving positive reviews, learn from their feedback and incorporate these into your own build. Imbibe these details to deliver a product that consumers would love to engage with. With the growing technology, demand for online stores is also increasing, so every business must develop a mobile bespoke app.

For example, young people prefer to use mobile phones more than computers because they are more convenient, faster, and more affordable. Also, because such modern technologies as AI and ML have become available, chatbots can receive and analyze customer data. This helps predict what next question, for example, the clients will ask and what better answer to give them. Many well-known companies, such as Spotify or Lyft prefer to use chatbots to communicate with customers. According to some statistics, 54% of consumers prefer to contact sellers and brands using chatbots rather than phone calls. As a result, we helped align Needl’s positioning and created a modern and elegant platform design.

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