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Conversational Commerce Platform

The right advertising campaign based on the rich data history of each user makes orders relevant. Forkable knows that, and you can be sure that you will never get it your lunch again. Kia Nirobot leveraging conversational commerce through chatbotIf you are a prospective buyer, the NiroBot will offer you a rundown of the car in a user-friendly manner.

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How do you implement conversational commerce?

  1. Add Chat or a Chatbot. Providing conversational platforms, like live chat or chatbots to your eCommerce site or in-app is a good start.
  2. Use onsite behavioural targeting.
  3. Integrate messaging apps.

We will continue to invest in ways to connect people and businesses through the commerce journey as it remains a key priority for us. Conversational commerce delivers a customer-centric shopping experience by allowing instant access to a brand’s products or services. Top brands are also coming forward to implement different types of communication channels for their businesses. For their extensive range of service areas and quality products, they have to interact with a large number of people every day. Over a long time period, they had to face many challenges in terms of customer interactions. Their customer service agents had to continuously manage repetitive queries coming from multiple channels.

Email Marketing

Conversational marketing with AI chatbots helps online business owners to get closer to their customers. An AI chatbot reduces the additional tasks of the human agents and supports tickets. Personalized conversations by AI chatbots are based on the users’ conversation data. AI chatbots recommend similar products and these personalized recommendations increase e-commerce sales.

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What happens if one channel’s data center doesn’t translate to another? The customer can easily find themselves having to repeat what they’ve already said, potentially leading to frustration and a diminished customer experience. It enables one agent to chat with two, or even three, customers at a time, reducing the wait time and boosting customer satisfaction. Conversational commerce gives ecommerce stores the chance to connect with customers at every step of their customer journey. ECommerce live chat for shoppers to easily escalate cases from a chatbot instance. Social messaging bots built with Spectrm gather vast amounts of customer data that can allow better personalization at scale.

Helping customers find products and make transactions:

She could even educate users about nutrition and food handling through short quizzes, all from within the WhatsApp environment. Users could contact Maggi directly, at any time of day or night, and have their cooking-related questions answered by “Kim”—a purpose-built digital assistant. It leaned into the playful, easy-going nature of text messaging by adding an emoji and personalized the campaign by incorporating a link to the recipient’s most recently viewed product. Unfortunately, it’s an extremely common problem, with the average documented online cart abandonment rate standing at 69.82 percent, according to the Baymard Institute. Tools like Alexa and Google Assistant can be leveraged to provide consumers with immediate answers or direct them to your website. Also, the impact of human interaction can’t be ignored in different steps of shopping.

It offers a fun and engaging experience while making timely product recommendations based on customer input. The data can be used to improve buyer personas, remarketing, and other campaigns. AI understands and learns from the conversations to predict product preferences. An AI chatbot should help customers conversational ecommerce purchase a product or service by asking questions with business objectives. While training a chatbot, it is essential to add your business goals to the questions to make sales efficient. Intelligent conversational AI asks personalized questions to the customers by analyzing previous data and interactions.

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